Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon !!!

So, I've got some MAJOR catching up to do. I've been drowning trying to re-adjust to post-graduation life, home life, a relationship gone bad, and feeling over all awful.

BUT - this it where I'll start.

At 17 I was told I would never run again and was given a huge leg brace. I found a physical therapist that saved my life - this is for all the doctors that told me no, that didnt care to help. This is for Todd, my PT, that helped me learn how to walk again, get rid of my limp, and now running again. I just finished my 2nd Half-Marathon in 4 months having rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. If I can do it, anyone can.

Saturday, my brother Nolan & I ran the Mickey & Minnie 5k! I dressed up as Belle and he wore a shirt that said "Why are all of these princesses chasing me?!" - Everyone LOVED it! The course through Epcot was great. He really seemed to enjoy himself which made me really happy.

I didn't train for the Princess Half like I wanted to, and should have. I had a lot of personal issues going on at the time. I decided to go down and still run the race. I had been waiting a really long time to run this particular race. I decided to dress up as Rapunzel from Tangled. It was quick & easy and I loved it.

Disney ofcourse was fantastic. I'm thankful my family came down to meet me. I was nervous about how I'd run but as soon as my alarm clock went off at 4:00am I got REALLY excited. My mom helped me braid my hair and I got to the buses just in time to head to the start. I've never seen so many people!! It was insane. So much music, so many costumes, so much fun and excitement.

After mile 2, I was already feeling my legs get tired (uh oh.) But after taking a few pictures with the girl from Bugs Life and the princes, I felt a little better. I was looking more and more forward to getting to the castle as the sun came up. It was PERFECT running weather. Overcast & cool (so glad!)

Mile 10 I got a little exhausted, but kept pushing. This race was for ME. I needed this and it made me happy. :)

Lots of pictures, enjoy! If you're ever dressing up for a race definitely check out pinterest! :D

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