Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cooper River Bridge Run 10k


On Valentine's day, I registered myself for the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k in Charleston. I have always had a love for the city, and I had heard ALOT about this race. I have a friend down there that let me crash (saved money on a hotel, woo!) - and race day was AWESOME.

The day before at the expo went smoothly. Great parking, very organized. I got a bag, a shirt, ect and bought another girls-t so I could actually wear a shirt and not look like I'm ALWAYS going to the gym. I also bought my first running belt! Hooray! It's perfect, small, and doesnt move at all when I run.

It was really, really chilly in the morning on race day, so I dressed in layers and brought a bag (there was a bag check right at my corral.) I was standing in line to get on the bus to go to the start from downtown and there were a few ladies behind me I ended up talking to. They were from Charlotte too and kind of adopted me for the rest of the trip! They were so sweet and so much fun. When the sun finally came up it started to warm up a little. We all gathered in the same corral and as soon as it was getting close to start time I finally started getting over the chilly-weather and got excited. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet up at the finish line.

My last 10k time was 1:05min and I really wanted to have a better time this race. (Always trying to improve!) The gun went off, and I took off - the first mile and a half was kinda rough. I got to zig zag through the crowd of people to try and keep a pace. Around mile 3 a group of Marines in full uniform were next to me and I decided they were going to be my pace-makers. I stayed with them the rest of the race and finished with a time of 1:01min! 

Going over the bridge was so beautiful - so many people too! I highly recommend running this race next year!

**There is also a Bridge Run App that is REALLY REALLY HELPFUL!!** 

Check out the Bridge Run's website! http://www.bridgerun.com/

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