Wednesday, September 19, 2012

feeling a little better!

It's been off my medication for about 3 weeks now. The side effects of the Cymbalta were just getting to be too much and affecting my daily routines (work, school, sleep, ect). 

I've been cooking dinner now, (crazy, I know), and stopped playing soccer. I hurt my ankles at a practice and decided it was too risky to keep playing since my half-marathon is so soon. (NOVEMBER!!!!) 

Yesterday I did Zumba at Level 5 Studio - and I was actually surprised at how intense it was! It was a really comfortable studio and it was a great workout! I was determined to go running afterwards; I desperately need to get back into my running routine. 

Work Out (yesterday)
  • Zumba - 1 hour
  • Run (outside)- 1 mile - 10:30 pace - 104 calories
  • Walk (treadmill) - .75 mile - 15 incline/3.7 speed - 130 calories
  • Stairstepper - 10 minutes - 40 calories
  • Run (outside) - 1 mile - 11:00 pace - 100 calories
Work Out (today)

THIS SATURDAY is the Natty Greene's 5k Beer Run - super stoked :) My friend Steven signed up with me! Photos / results then :)

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