Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Country Park Run

I drove out to Charlotte yesterday to watch my little brother Shane run a cross country meet for school. He did great! 6:20 mile pace (definitely beats me haha).

Anyways - I went to Country Park today on Battleground and ran the loop a few times, ended up with 3.49 miles (with an 11:00 mile pace). I really need to stop running in the middle of the day, it's still too hot :/ But it was a good run! I tried this GU Gel - I heard these great things about these gels..but ugh! It tasted awful :[ I was a little sad, I'm running out of things to eat/drink/check/whatever for my half marathon. (A lot of foods dont sit with my stomach because of IBS). But the search must go on!

Decent run, iced my knee right after. Made this italian style baked chicken and spaghetti for dinner. nomnomnom! Anddd and apple and peanut butter :)

I really, really work on my milage :/

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